Are you struggling with a Physical, Mental, Emotional, or Spiritual condition?


Are you tired of just Surviving and want to start living a life of Abundance?


Do you finally want to Heal and break free from pain, blocks, & limitation?


Do you want to find connection, peace, love, & your purpose?


Do you want more fulfilling relationships, to have financial freedom, & more joy?

If you said YES, then I want to connect with you! Please continue reading…

The Truth

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We are all on a healing journey. Each of us has our unique struggles. Those struggles are often created by experiences that made us fragment a part of our Self. The solution is to integrate all the pieces and find balance. In balance, we can find wholeness which is what we are seeking.

The highest goal to reach is to be at peace with your Self by expressing your unique gifts and living your purpose.

Each day has opportunities for self-growth and change. Unfortunately, many of us have identified change as something bad. We fear it!

The fear can make you feel stuck and prevents you from creating a life that you want. It can be further complicated if you are living a busy life and do not stop to listen to the messages that your body or spirit are trying to communicate to you. This often leads to pain and illness.

Do You Want to Heal?

dimensions-of-healingFor complete health, all aspects of human life need to be acknowledged. These include the emergence of will and self-determination, the sharpening of the mind, the enjoyment of beauty, the enrichment of imagination, the awakening of intuition, the realization of love, and the discovery of the Self and its purpose.

Your subtle body, which includes the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual, must also be in balance.

This is a community to help give you the support and tools that you need to help you on your healing journey.

Healing begins with Awareness, Hope,
Courage, Strength, & Perseverance.

You must decide that you want to change, shift your awareness so that the energy that created the suffering shifts.

The energy may have been created from an experience to you, or it could be something that you inherited.

Regardless of the source of the energy or what the physical manifestation may be, healing can occur. Miracles do happen. Anything is possible.

Ask Yourself these Important Questions

  • How many times have you started a healing program and quit before the end because you gave up, decided it was too hard, or just were not getting the result you wanted?
  • What if I told you that you gave up just prior to when the healing could occur?
  • What if you had a community of people to support you through your process, would you have given up?

How I can Help YOU

promiseIf you’re still reading this, then I’m guessing you’re searching too and probably like me you’ve listened to many different summits. So why create one more? While some of the telesummits I’ve attended were great, I was still left feeling a little disappointed in the end. And here’s why…

As you know only a handful of people get to actually connect with the expert; I remember praying each time that I would be picked, but that never occurred on the hundreds of calls that I listened to. The experts who I resonated with the most or felt an energetic shift, whenever possible, I would buy their programs. The programs often contained great techniques that you could do at your own pace, on your own schedule. I’d be excited in the beginning, but then would find it hard to continue them for long and then I’d often forget about them going on to the next thing. Sound familiar?

This is where the strength and perseverance come into account in the healing journey. At times I am a very stubborn person and usually when I put my mind to accomplishing something, I do it. I also know that if I had someone to support me, or better yet a community of people, to give me accountability and cheer me on then it would have been a lot easier and maybe even fun!

My Story

me-chairI was born with a genetic DNA mutation called Spinal Muscular Atrophy. It’s a neurological disorder that prevents muscle growth. By age 6, I was using a wheelchair part time. By age 11, full time. Medical doctors currently do not have a cure or treatments for this condition.

I’ve always had hope that someday scientists would figure it out and then I’d be able to live the life of my dreams. My mindset was: I just had to survive until someone found the cure. I couldn’t do anything about my condition. I would just wait and hope. 

Then I had a wake-up call. I was 14 and undergoing a spinal fusion. In the midst of the procedure, I had an out of body experience. It opened my eyes to a whole new dimension. I realized that the body was just a container for your essence and at this level anything was possible. While many spiritual gurus and religions had indicated this, realizing it first hand was an incredible experience. It gave me the awareness that perhaps everything wasn’t so cut and dry. It also gave me a new found hope that perhaps there was some way to heal.

I want you to understand that since birth, I was told that “This was how it was.” and “Nothing could be done.” So I never questioned it. After this experience was the first time that I was brave enough to admit to myself the truth, that “I Wanted to Heal”I started to dream about all the possibilities, which gave me the courage to move forward despite all logical reasons.

My Qualifications

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So that was the start of my journey. Since then I’ve studied the medical and spiritual books intensively. I’ve gone to hundreds of medical experts and spiritual gurus. I’ve participated in more self-help classes and programs then I care to admit. I even got certified as Reiki Level 2 Energy Healer and a Holistic Health Practitioner. I spent every penny I could searching for the answer, anything that could help. I kept trying to find that golden key to unlock my healing potential.

The reason I tell you this is to let you know that I have traveled the healing journey. My experience has given me great insight into the mind, body, and spirit. I’ve tried anything and everything I could find to heal.

I have healed from conditions that do not have cures. A few examples are I had severe arthritis in my knees. Using forgiveness and other vibrational energy techniques it is now gone. I’ve had debilitating sciatic nerve pain which is also now gone by going gluten free and eating sea salt. Perhaps most importantly, I released stuck energy that was preventing me from feeling love and connection.

While my life experience may be very different than yours, I have struggled with limitation and blocks just like you. 

Do You Want Support?

community of peopleIf you are saying, YES! Then please join our community.

I’m offering group calls where you will connect with me and other members. There will also be calls with experts who you will be able to listen to and have opportunities to connect with deeper through their free gifts and special offers. And so much more!

If you do decide to buy a special offer, you will have access to a special forum only available to members who purchased the same program. You can connect, ask questions, and share your experiences on the forum. And don’t worry, everything is done privately and secure so you can divulge as little or as much as you want and feel safe.

So to clarify the earlier question of why another summit, what I found missing is the other summits was individual support and connection. My community you will have opportunities to connect and share with others. I’ve come to realize that individual support is key in most people’s transformation. It’s important not to feel alone and a cheerleader or two can make so much difference.

Plus I’m offering some great benefits by just showing up. You really don’t want to miss this opportunity. I promise that this summit will be different!

This Community is Perfect for you if…

  • You are ready heal and want to take actions that will facilitate the process.
  • You want to try alternative healing processes and techniques.
  • You are open to listening to different prospectives and are on a journey of self-growth.
  • You want to interact with others and make friends

You will NOT be interested in participating if…

  • You do not want any accountability, you just want to blame others or complain about your life.
  • You want to solely rely on medical doctors and are closed to alternative healing processes.
  • You are unwilling to change or are not interested in self-growth.
  • You want to be alone.

Here are a few of the Experts that You will Meet

Tori Hartman

Tori Hartman

Tools for Deeper Understanding


Accessing your Intuition

Laura Fenamore

The Key to Healthy Body Image and Self Love

Jamye Price

Light Language Healing

Micheila Sheldan

Healing from Guides

Kim Bowen

Energy Healing

Leslie Sloane

Color Therapy and Sacred Geometry

Justin Elledge

The Human MRI

Laurie Moore, PhD

Moving through Challenges

Donna Root

The Inner Architect Process

Loretta G Breuning

Loretta G Breuning, PhD

Happy Brain Chemicals

Daniel Scranton

Channeling Healing Messages

Lisa Transcendence Brown


Bethany Perry

Intuition + Neuroscience

Kasey & Brad Wallis

Expand with Julius

Maya Nahra

Feeling that You are Enough

Jenn Edden

Tell Your Cravings Goodbye

Joanna Rushton

Overcoming Depression and Anxiety

Angela Montano


What YOU will Receive

Regardless of what you are trying to heal, we will help you focus your attention, shift your awareness, give you hope, and help you have the strength to believe in yourself.

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These are some of the benefits:

  • FREE calls every Tuesday and Thursday with experts that will inspire you. Each call will focus on one aspect of healing. It will help you to look at your challenges in a new way.
  • The speakers will have special offers at incredible discounts. If you decide to purchase a special offer, you will have a special forum to interact with others on the program.
  • FREE group calls every Saturday that will help support your dreams and connect you with like-minded individuals.
  • Plus most speakers are offering a free gift to all callers.

I’ve worked day and night for months to put this all together. I want to help you have the tools and support to connect with your Self and unlock the healing potential within you.

If you are ready to say, “YES! I Want to Heal.” Please Sign Up for our Community.

Your information is kept private and will not be shared with anyone.

Healing is impossible in loneliness; it is the opposite of loneliness. Conviviality is healing. To be healed we must come with all the other creatures to the feast of Creation.
Wendell Berry
Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.
Lao Tzu
Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.
Martin Luther King Jr.