dimensions-of-healingMedical experts estimate that 90% of disease is stress-related.

Your body is constantly sending you signals to help it manage stress and maintain health. There is so much to distract you from paying attention to what your body is trying to say, that it is easy to miss the messages. Many of us were taught that if you have pain to just take a pill or to ignore it. Pain is a message. If you ignore your body’s messages for a long time it will cause it to go into a state of chronic illness.

If you are in a state of chronic illness, the body is basically stuck in dysfunction. Touch, sensory awareness, and energy & vibrational healing are key to helping you regain health. The body’s job is to maintain homeostasis, so whatever state it is in, it stays in that state. You must choose to change it and take action to make changes.

Your body is a great indicator of your stress level and to whether or not you are listening to its signals. Setting time aside for you, is a way to honor your body and be sure that it has a chance to communicate messages to you. Stress is caused by physical, mental, emotional or spiritual needs. Regardless of the source, it often translates into pain or numbness. The body is trying to communicate to you to make a change. It would seem obvious to make a change, but it often is not that simple. Many of us feel powerless and do not know what to do and thus end up in a chronic state of illness.

Pain and numbness are both signs that you are living in a state of stress. Generally, pain is caused by energy being trapped in the body and numbness is usually caused by a blockage so an area is not receiving energy. Either way the body is crying out for you to reconnect.

Healing can only take place when your body is in a state of peace and relaxation so the energy can flow. Your body has a great capacity to heal, but I t needs time set aside to rest, rejuvenate, and de-stress so that it can maintain health.

Perfect health requires balance in all areas of our being (Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual).  Spiritual issues are always the core of the other aspects. Often if you solve the spiritual issue then the other falls alway as well. That is why healing doesn’t always follow the scientific rules. There is still a lot that we do not know about the body.

So you may be wondering, what is the other 10%? That would be multigenerational issues. Science is just beginning to understand how DNA carries imprints from previous generations. Those imprints are caused from the stress your ancestors experienced, so in reality it’s more like 100%.

You can not stop all stress, but you can choose how you handle it. You can take care of yourself by taking time to go within, process emotions, integrate any fragmented energy, and reconnect them to your spirit.